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Project details:

Okurufi Consult was responsible for the designing and printing of the sustainable mining practices training manual and tool kit targeted at training small scale miners on sustainable mining practices to help reduce the illegal mining menace in the country, this is being funded by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources. Okurufi Consult has developed, produced and implemented several social and behavior change communication campaign projects including Plan Ghana’s Women and their Children’s Health Project (WATCH), which sought to support improved maternal, neonatal and child health for underserved populations in Ghana. Specifically, the company formulated the communications campaign strategy, developed and produced IEC/SBCC materials for creating awareness in different Ghanaian languages and implemented the campaign activities across the country to help change attitudes and behaviors and improve the situation. Specifically we developed and produced IEC materials including posters, flayers, radio and tv docu-dramas in six local languages, pull up stands and tv and radio adverts. These materials were used for awareness creation in six regions in the country.
Under the Plan Ghana SHOW project, Okurufi designed and printed the community based maternal and neonatal care tool kits and manual for community health workers. The following documents were designed printed and submitted to GHS:

Essential care for pregnant women
Essential information necessary for care during labour, delivery and immediately after the birth of a baby
Sexual and reproductive health and rights
Maternal and new born health ( tool kits includes posters and other communication materials that sends messages about antenatal care, postnatal care, new born care and other health related topics)
Breast feeding posters, male involvement posters, safe motherhood birth preparedness posters etc

Okurufi Consult developed and produced IEC/SBCC materials on child protection and domestic  violence for World Vision International (WVI), which was used for advocacy campaign activities across WVI’s implementing regions in the country. Okurufi also worked with the Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) to develop IEC/SBCC materials on child labour focusing on the ‘kayayei’ (porters) menace in the country. The company also worked with Child Rights International and developed advocacy and communication materials on juvenile justice and child protection related activities.
In addition, our team have the latest technical experience required to undertake the project. Our team formulated the campaign strategies, developed and produced all the IEC/SBCC materials (11 Ghanaian languages) in 2010, which were used for advocacy on the National Literacy Acceleration Program of the Ghana Education Service (NALAP), a USAID funded project with the objective: to foster support for literacy education in Ghanaian language as a means to better learn English, obtain a sound educational foundation and preserve and celebrate local language literacy. Under the NALAP project the following materials were designed and produced in 11
Ghanaian languages:

30 munites Tv and radio docu-drama (find attached samples of Tv docu-drama produced)
Six Tv and radio adverts on the importance of using the local language as a medium of instruction at the lower primary level
IEC materials including posters, flayers, fact sheets, car stickers etc
Tv documentary on using local language as the medium of instruction vi-sa-vi English at the lower primary
Tv documentary on using local language as the medium of instruction vi-sa-vi English at the lower primary
Designed and created the NALAP website

On the production of TV documentaries, our past jobs included;

The production of communication videos on the Atewa Forest Reserve, to effectively help convert it into a national park, this video has won the Ghana Chamber of Mines, Ghana Mining Industry Awards, Best Mining Reporter of the year 2017.
We have produced two videos on the Atewa Forest which also shows the surrounding communities the dangers of depleting the forest and the consequences.
We have made several video clips on illegal mining and water pollution aimed at creating awareness on forest depletion and water pollution. This videos have also won awards at the Ghana Journalists Association Awards of 2014 and 2017.
Also our team produced series of documentaries for the Mole National Park all aimed at conserving the game reserve.

Our aerial imaging experts have the skills and knowledge in mapping out areas affected with galamsey as evidenced in our work titled “Nation Wreckers” which used only drone to capture forests, farms and rivers affected by illegal mining. This was what sparked the national debate on illegal mining. (see attached samples of Tv documentaries produced)
The company has also developed and implemented communication activities for corporate bodies including Trans-National Insurance Brokers, Ghana Atomic Energy Commission, Manner Heights Hotel, etc. With this background, Okurufi Consult is better placed to develop, produce, implement and monitor the SBCC campaign for the Family Base Care which seeks to promote the upbringing of children within the community and family setting.
With our solid background in child protection, designing and implementation of SBCC campaign programs, Okurufi Consult is better placed to design the FBC communication materials to help educate the public on the need to raise up children within the family and community setting and also advocate for deinstitutionalization of children from orphanages across the country